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the exterior

The nearest bus stop is Ookubo, and a little far from the street
We remodeled the 70 years old burn. The first floor is a work place, second floor is a gallery.

the exterior


An old wall clock from 100 years ago ticks slowly here.
Also its mud walls, a wood stove and so on, they will make you have a taste of slipping through time to the Showa period.


They are Waritake-kilns.
It is said that the most suitable kilns for baking Karatsu pottery.
The character who is in this picture with kilns is Shiratama-kun.


We have a variety of items from reasonable daily tablewares to vases and tea bowls (Matcha wan)
And we offer items from chopstick rest for 400 yen.
Plus, you can get a special discount only in the pottery!